Polishing Crash Course Class Sunday 4th of August 2019 FULL

Polishing Crash Course Class Sunday 4th of August 2019 FULL
Polishing Crash Course Class Sunday 4th of August 2019 FULL
Polishing Crash Course Class Sunday 4th of August 2019 FULL

Polishing Crash Course Class Sunday 4th of August 2019 FULL

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Polishing Class $75 per head

SUNDAY 4th of August 2019

9.30 am approx. 2 - 3 hrs

Polishing Crash Course Presented by Hello form Des and the AutoFX Team.

CONGRADULATIONS! You have taken the first step in learning the ins and outs of professional, quality detailing. The course is structured around 3 hours providing knowledge and real world skills that can be applied to both the hobbyist detailer and the semi-pro that can be used in your business.

Below are the contact details should you have any questions about the classes or any of the products. Please note that due to work commitments contact may not be instant with varying response times.

Email: sales@chemicalguyswa.com.au  Phone: 0450 927 559

Polishing crash course, we will be going through the technique and tips to start and complete a paint correction along with any questions any of you may have.

The equipment you will be using

• Dual Action Machine Polishers

• Variety of Buffing pads

In order to successfully correct paint it is important to understand the kind of scratch you are hoping to remove. For this reason the chart above can be used to gauge the severity of the scratch. Using a variety of cutting and polishing compounds such as CG V36 & V38, Rupes Coarse & Fine you will cut out deep scratches then remove lighter marks progressively getting finer.

We will also go through other brands where required too Starting with a cutting pad with a heavy – moderate cutting compound buff the car panel by panel removing the excess compound with a microfiber towel using finer compounds on finer pads each time till the desired effect is achieved. This process requires a lot of sight and feel for the paintwork, the ability to make judgments about how hard to cut and if the scratch is just too deep or not.

After the hands on polishing is done it is now time to take a small breather whilst we demostrate the start of the cleaning up prior to waxing or sealing.

Depending on how time goes on the day we might touch very briefly on the coating side too.

10% will be given to all students on the day if they want to purchase any goods from the shop. A unique one off discount code will also be provided to you for to place an online order as your little gift.

Polishing CLASS spots available

1) Cody

2) Daliso

3) Clinton B

4) Reuby I

5) Matt S

6) Brent O

7) Gene 

Important information

Please bring clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. Make sure you are physically ok to bend down and or work on your knees from time to time. Make sure you bring warm clothes as July is likely to be cold in our workshop. Please have a descent breakfast before coming.

Feel free to ask questions from the detailers that will be present on the day.