QLD Detailer Directory

Hi there, Chemical Guys WA added the Detailer Directory because Chemical Guys is all about the locals and small businesses. We know what it's like having to run a small family owned business. 1 thing we do know, any success comes from our own hard work, we also know that without our good customers we don't have a business. Therefore We created the directory in a way to support 1, our locals and 2, small businesses.

We don't make any claims of the businesses listed on our directory no different to google listing billions of other businesses. One thing we can say is the businesses listed here buy a regular amount of Chemical Guys products from us, and they may use a little or a lot of our products in their services they offer to customers.

Some may have had training with us and some will not have done any training with us.

Please educate yourself about the much bigger world of detailing with Chemical Guys tutorials here so you know what questions to ask the detailers that you contact.

We make no claims or assurances to the service these detailers provide nor do we receive any income from these listings.









Note we reserve the rights to remove any listings at our own discretion.